Workstation Bridge Crane

Enclosed track workstation bridge cranes are offered in either free standing, or ceiling mounted workstation bridge crane kits.


These systems are modular and expandable. They reduce vertical space, support requirements, and are ergonomically designed for lighter loads; from 150 lbs. to 4,000 lbs. capacities. Bridge cranes have free rolling large diameter wheels with steel guide rollers to prevent end trucks from racking or binding.

This high strength enclosed track design keeps rolling surfaces clean, which contributes to easier crane movement as well as longer wheel and track life. The tracks’ low weight per foot reduces the dead weight making for easier movement, also increased worker safety and productivity.

Horizontal movement is usually push, but can be powered. Enclosed track workstation bridge cranes push very easily – typically 1 pound of force for every 100 pounds of load. This is much easier than an I-beam crane system that typically takes 3 pounds of force to move every 100 pounds of load. Ergonomically designed, easy to move, workstation cranes put less stress on operators. They offer precise load positioning, significant productivity improvements, fewer injuries and less fatigue.

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  • Advantages

    • An operator pushing a 1000 lb. load will experience a force of approximately 10 lbs. to begin moving the load; 8 lbs. to continue moving the load (100 to 1 ratio).
    • Manual cranes also operate more quickly than motorized cranes, making a workstation bridge crane ideal for fast paced work environments.
    • Crane design can be customized to meet any specific requirements.
    • Ergonomic benefits, aiding in proper and easy movements, reducing workplace injuries.

  • Applications

    • Use when system or equipment operational time is less than 50% of work period and lifted load is greater than 50% of rated capacity.
    • Workstation bridge cranes are available in many sizes and spans, for utilization in almost any new or existing work cells. Our Workstation Bridge Crane are Freestanding or Ceiling mounted.
    • Equipment configurations include single or double girder bridge cranes, jib cranes, and monorails. Both steel and aluminum cranes are available. Suspension is varied. The options include free standing floor support, ceiling suspended cranes or a combination of the two.
    • Load suspension trolleys, which ride on wheels inside the enclosed track, have devices that hang below the track opening to support vertical lift devices. These vertical lifting devices include hoists, balancers, vacuum lifters and manipulators; each of which contain holding and orienting devices such as hooks, slings, grabs, spreader bars, vacuum devices, custom end effectors and magnets. Enclosed track workstation cranes and monorails can offer ergonomic solutions to a single operation or an entire material handling system.