Why buy Aloi?

Aloi Materials Handling has been a leading material handling provider since 1977. With a focus on the industrial segments of manufacturing and warehousing, we are able to offer materials handling and storage solutions to a widely diverse clientele. Customers have relied on Aloi to provide automated and integrated solutions for their various material handling needs including; automated packaging lines, robotic and conventional palletizing, conveyor systems, pallet storage systems, cranes and hoists, mezzanines, shelving and lockers, ergonomic workstations, work positioners, lifts, modular offices, work cell and lean manufacturing products and many other material handling solutions.

The Aloi Materials Handling corporate headquarters is located in Rochester, NY, with offices in Buffalo and Syracuse as well as Raleigh, NC, High Point, NC, and Holyoke, MA. Though we work with companies from all across the country, our business is focused on the East coast.