Mission Statement

Continually grow our business by being the best at what we do – “The Aloi Way”, to provide employees with a safe, fun and rewarding place to work while supplying optimal solutions and value for our customers.

Vision Statement

To be the strategic partner of choice for Materials Handling and innovative Automation solutions in the markets we choose to serve.


Safety – our first thought everyday.

Service – no matter who your customer is make their experience something they want to repeat and you are proud of. Go the extra mile.

Integrity – do what’s right.

Respect – treat others like you want to be treated.

Open – your opinion matters, you are always free to voice it; to new ideas.

Fun – we all spend a lot of time at work lets enjoy it.

Success – make sure we all know what winning looks like and celebrate it when we achieve our goals.

Education – know our industry, make time to teach.

Team – we all want success lets work together to achieve it; if you need help ask, a problem shared is a problem halved.

Honesty – if we can’t do it we’ll tell you, if something has  gone wrong we’ll tell you and fix it.

Diversity – acknowledge and value differences in perspective, knowledge and experiences