Robotic Palletizing System including Fanuc M410iB/140H palletizing robot with indeed from Hytrol EZ Logic 24 volt zero pressure accumulation conveyor and Hytrol 138 ACC powered accumulating roller conveyor. Alba pallet dispenser, Alba CDLR pallet conveyor and Alba 3 strand chain transfer conveyor used to send palletized load to Wulftec WCA Smart stretch wrapper.


Customer Problem

As a grass roots plant, the customer needed to completely automate their end-of-line packaging and palletizing to handle a significant increase in production. The requirement was to automate six tank fill lines with multiple SKU’s and merge all finished product into a common transportation/accumulation lane before palletizing and stretch wrapping.

Fanuc M410iB/140H Carton Palletizing Robot Video

Aloi Solution

We provided a completely integrated solution that doubled production and output. Tanks are filled and fed from six production fill lines and merged into a common transportation/accumulation conveyor.  All carton products are scanned and sent to one of three infeed lanes.  All tanks are accumulated and picked one row at a time by a Fanuc robot with a vacuum end-of-arm tool and palletized on one of four palletizing zones.  After palletizing, all palletized loads are indexed into a Wulftec stretch wrapper for stretch wrapping before a final label is applied. Now completely automated, the facility substantially reduced operating and labor costs.

Products used:

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