Aloi helps local bakery improve productivity with new upgrades.

donut conveyor

Aloi was recently contracted by a local bakery to improve their production line, in an attempt to raise their safety and hygienic standards. We were able to modify their existing conveyors with more modern equipment, which features much faster smoother transfers for their product. The bakery now has a much more flexible schedule for production, along with higher safety and hygienic standards thanks to Aloi.

Aloi partners with Fanuc Robotics




We are happy to announce that Aloi is now officially an authorized Fanuc Robotics integrator. We are proud to offer the state of the art automation systems that Fanuc offers, with hopes of aiding customers with improving efficiency in multiple areas.

Aloi contracted for robotics project based on our ability to provide NEW Fanuc robotics.

FANUC ROBOTSA recent customer was in need of an automated wheel handling system, and required a quick turnaround time due to scheduled factory shut downs slowing production. They turned to Aloi to aid them with this project based on our ability to provide for them a brand new Fanuc robot within the required turnaround time, whereas others were quoted using previously used robots. As an authorized Fanuc Robotics integrator, Aloi was able to secure the robot in the time required as well as develop other cell equipment that met the customers’ expectations. In addition, using Fanuc’s Dual Check Safety (DCS) system, the new cell layout was able to be designed in less floor space than the previous cell.


Global company contracts Aloi to install automated plate handling cell

A global company has recently contracted Aloi to aid in the development and installation of a new robotic plate handling system. The cell features a Fanuc LR Mate series robot that utilizes Fanuc iRVision to quickly and accurately locate parts on a conveyor, orient itself, pick the part at the center, and place the part at a specific orientation onto a trademark labeling system. The system is designed for quick on-the-fly changes to different part numbers with varying sizes and shapes. Due to plant shutdown requirements, total project time is less than 8 weeks from initial equipment order to production.