Conveyor Systems

Most often times, automation system solutions require a number of conveying technologies for successful integration of the overall system. Aloi Materials Handling is an integrator for many of the leading conveyor manufacturers but we often design our own specialty conveyors. The ultimate solution is based on understanding our customer’s application requirements as well as their overall project goals and business strategies. Based on these customer requirements, we design and engineer the right conveying solution for the project.


  • Conveyor Types

    • Backlit conveyor
    • Belted conveyor
    • Bucket conveyor
    • Chain conveyor
    • Chute conveyor
    • Gravity conveyor
    • Induction conveyor
    • Pallet conveyor
    • Roller conveyor
    • Sanitary conveyor
    • Screw conveyor
    • Slat conveyor
    • Sortation conveyor
    • Spiral conveyor
    • Stainless steel conveyor
    • Tabletop conveyor
    • Vertical lift conveyor
    • Vertical reciprocating conveyor
    • Vibrating conveyor
    • Wheel conveyor


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